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2005 jeep Grand Cherokee re-installation of stock tune probl

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I re-installed the stock tune 2005 jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7l to update the T-1000. The jeep ran terrible and threw 4 different pcm codes. Updated and re-installed tune its fine. Can not clear pcm codes. Why was the stock tune messed up? How to fix this.

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I'm going through the same problems with my 2014 Challenger. I'm getting multiple codes after being
tuned or revert back to stock tune.

In my case: I found out that Chrysler has a PCM update that my Challenger requires. This is the reason
for all my trouble codes. My car has very low performance, it bucks while driving, hard codes, etc.

I first have to update the PCM with Chrysler service bulletin and then update the PCM using Trinity with a new calibration ID.

I also carry with me the Bluedriver OBD2 scanner and works great! It searches for all codes... even dealership codes and clears them too.

Could this possibly be the cause with your situation?

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Sounds like it. I did not even try to drive it. I just got the t-1000 yesterday, it had me update or calibrate the pcm, then it let me put the tune on. I reinstall stock tune to put the 1r13k 05-10 chrysler gas revision on it instead of the 1r13 mega crom. All my engine lights are off, the t-1000 only cleared the TCM not PCM codes.

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Can i get a more in-depth answer on how to fix this? Chrysler bulletin? Can i use the tuner?

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Here is a link where you can check for MOPAR recalls by VIN: ... earch.html

MOPAR Service Bulletin:

Click on:
> Online Subscription
> Preview TechAuthority On-line
> What's New In Service Bulletins/Recalls

Unfortunately the Trinity cannot update any PCM reflash required from the dealership. You would either
have to take it to the dealership or use the J2534 flash application process.

I searched through the service bulletin but did not see much on 2005..
This list keeps growing everyday so they probably did away with older models.

What codes are you getting?

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some 05s will run on 4 cylinders after a flash.
What are the codes?

Usually a simple battery disconnect clears this up.
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I cleared the codes, so i dont know. Im going to finish rhis work week then get into it friday morning. Ill post codes if the battery dis connect does not work.
By chance have the T-1000 messed with the cruise control on the 2005 or other 5.7l jeep grand Cherokees? It either does not work at all or shuts off after set.

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Hey mike, have you heard of after puting a tune on it messes up the cruise control? 2005 wk 5.7l

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