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Trinity 1000 wont start up via obd or usb

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i bought my t1000 2nd hand i had to pay for it to be unlocked
it always worked well for me

a couple months ago my truck had to go into the shop so i stored my tuner away for some time
i tried using it and it will not start up at all.. no lights screen doesn't illuminate

i tried connecting it to my apple laptop and it reads ''disconnect the accessory using too much power''

my truck currently has a custom tune on it and the tuner has my original back up on it
cant access it because the tuner wont start up

the tuner has always been very taken care of

any help please and thank you

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the Trinity T1000 is not compatible with a Mac at all.. can't do anything with it on an apple computer.. you need to have/use a Windows PC/laptop...

as for in the truck.. if it doesn't power up at all when you connect to your OBD port, then it sounds like your obd port is not getting any power.. so check your fuses in the truck.. the cig ligher and aux power fuses.. as the obd port gets its power from those circuits..

replace the blown fuse and you should be good to go..
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ive tried connecting the tuner to other vehicles still doesn't start up

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Tough spot..unfortunately we are out of replacement parts for these devices so we no longer offer repairs.
We'll offer a nice upgrade if you want to get into a new device and trade that one in.

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