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Post Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:26 pm

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Today I installed the Trinity Tuner. Completed the backup then uploaded the pre-loaded 87/KnN CAI tune (Not plugged into truck so not sure what that basic tune is called) to my 2005 F150. I have KnN CAI, Super 40 exhaust and recently upgraded to 33" wheels. Anyways, after driving around town for an hour or so I was highly impressed with the performance. Looking forward to getting up to the 93 octane versions and even custom tune. Couple things:

1. P1000 code and the P0430 code. No check engine light and driving great. I checked for codes on the Trinity. BEFORE driving around I played with it and checked for codes and there were none. I understand the P1000 code comes on most of the time when you flash the trucks computer. Why would P0430 code come up? Something I should worry about if no light and performs well?

2. GAS SMELL - wow! Before installing the tune there was never a gas smell. After driving around with the new tune, when taking my kid out of his car seat just above the exhaust, I noticed quite the smell!!!! IS that the P0430 situation causing that? Can I make it go away somehow?

3. With the tire size change going from 29" to 33", I am assuming I need to do something so the computer realizes the change. Can you do this on the Trinity or do you have to get a custom tune? Should I get new gears?

Thanks for all your help!!! I have no clue about tuning and have/am doing as much reading to get there!!!

2005 F150 XLT Super Crew
CAI, Super 40 Cat Back, 33" tires, 3" lift coming soon.

Post Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:01 pm

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Not sure why you got the P0430, clear it and if it comes back its a sign there is an issue with the passenger side cat.

Gas smell, well, nothing in the tune should change anything about fueling at idle, cruise, so tough to say.
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