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Power Puck P1050 in 08 Sprinter Feedback Pls.

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I just installed a DiabloSport Extreme Power Puck P1050 in 2008 Sprinter 3500. I am very curious if there is anyone out there on this forum that has installed the P1050 in a Dodge or Mercedes Sprinter 2008 or newer V-8 3.0 liter engine. I was surprised that following the installation I had not engine warning lights or and codes show up. Prior to this I tried using a Dog Bully Dog Rapid Power Module, Dodge/Frieghtliner/Mercedes (2007-09) Sprinter 3.0L Diesel, it was a complete disaster. The bully Dog unit put my Sprinter in "Limp Mode" and turned on the engine warning icon on the dash and gave me "too high fuel pressure" code. Any feedback from other Sprinter users and there experience with the P1050 in a Sprinter 2500 or 3500 Van would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Well, no responses to my previous post so I will update it and hope someone will chime in. Yesterday I hooked up our 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4x4 (4000 lb.) to the back of or 2009 Winnebago View and headed out for Camp Verde Arizona from Prescott, Arizona. The temperature was around 64 degrees. On the way over I left the Diablo Power Puck turned off and going up the long hills the highest post turbo temperature I encountered was 1100 degrees. Coming back there is a 6 1/2 % grade that that is about 6 miles long. I turned the Power Puck all the way up and at one point the post turbo temperature reached a high of 1250 degrees. From talking to my Mercedes technical advisor he says not to exceed 1200 degrees on the post-turbo side of the turbo. As far as noticeable results there seems to be higher rpm shift points, a bit more torque and I felt like the engine was able to stay in 3rd for an appreciable time further before kicking down to second gear at the top of the grade. I am driving a motorhome that is at its max weight and towing a heavy vehicle. I would welcome any feedback from other Sprinter owners using the Diablo Extreme Power Puck for 3.0 V-6 Mercedes/Doge engines.

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