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red delta chip and burner for 98 mustang gt please help!!!

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i just bought a diablosport chip burner and 2 spare delta chips i understand that this chip is a little older but i got a good deal on it so i figured it would be useful as long as i had the burner with it what can i do to make it work with my home computer i have windows xp

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We no longer support the Delta chip burners nor do we sell the chips anymore. The software to burn the chips no longer exists....may want to check with whomever sold it to you and see if they can get you the software?
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This is Mike.

Problem with the old delta chips is the only way to see what is on the chip is to read it with the burner that flashed it, and that may be tough to track down.

If you want to get the chip reflashed with some safe, reliable tunes that wont burn stuff up, call PDI at 305 218 1486, they can reflash it for you.


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