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Why the need for a "Custom" tune????

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Post Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:04 pm

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Diablo sells these tuners for a reasonable yet pricey cost. I think they are well worth the money, but why is there a need to get a custom tune for extra$? The tuner should come with the most effective and efficient tune for your specific vehicle. I shouldn't have to pay someone to give me a BETTER tune than what I already paid for in the first place.

Post Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:18 pm

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Because every vehicle is different. On paper they could be identical, but clearances and other miscellaneous stuff is always different. Thusly, they all act differently to tunes. The canned tunes are fine for vehicles with basic mods. For cars with more mods though, they need special work to make the most out of those mods. The canned tunes are just baselines.

Post Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:32 pm

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fuel used, location driven, elevation/altitude, etc etc, all make a difference man...

every vehicle runs differently, no matter if they're the same make/model/engine or not...

and like Mike_Levy said, mods/changes/upgrades, etc all make a difference...

the included tunes on the programmer are basic, general/generic tunes for stock vehicles....

and with YOUR mods:


you would definitely want to get a custom tune... #1 - cuz you have to enable the settings in the tune file for the electric fans to begin with...

#2 - as I mentioned to you previously, ditch the E3 plugs and get stock replacements or NGK's...

#3 - ditch the granatelli wires and get ac/delco or NGK wires...

#4 - the K&N intake is going to throw off your fueling, so you need to adjust for that - which you can do basic adjustments yourself using the predator and doing some data logs, but not to the extent that can be done more precisely via a custom tune for both part-throttle and WOT...

not to mention a LOT of other things that get adjusted/tweaked in a custom tune, that aren't even available via the predator interface...

so there ya have it...

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