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Avenger/200 Tuner -Would You Buy One?

Do you know of a future Product you would like us to make?

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Should be. They kinda have to.because most states dont carry 93 octane so theybhave to put 91. I cant wait to.get my custom e85 tune in from hemifever.

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mikel wrote:
Well, lets see.

I just became the worlds first person to drive a tuned 3.6 powered 2011 200S.

What do I think about it?

Well, let me go change my right back.

OK. Thats better.
Dead stop. Click the TC button once. Lay into throttle (no brake input), and the tires just start roasting. You figure it will stop eventually....but it keeps going. At this point, you are really feeling it in the steering wheel. By about 40 MPH, you are questioning the sanity of what you are doing. Dumpsters are flying by to my right, and the tires are still smoking, and I'm fighting with the steering wheel in an odd, unfamiliar fashion (rwd for me :)). I dont know when they stopped spinning, but the car was moving out at that point.

Downshifts were quicker. Throttle response is improved tremendously. Obviously, TM is out of the way ;)

This was with 93 octane and the 93 tune. I'm sure the 87 tune will provide similar experiences. Its been a while since I kinda scared myself in a car here, and it was a nice break. Never thought it would happen in an N/A V6, but

BTW, this car has upgraded wheels and tires, and the tires are 255's, up from the stock 225's...I'm sure I'll find a car with stock tires to see how much more fun it might be :)
To add to Mike's review of the tune's bottom end capabilities, I have a review of the tunes top end on the highway:

Idle and normal driving are completely unchanged. Full throttle highway runs are much more responsive and the car pulls strong with a notable amount of torque steer :drivingbad: Throttle lag is greatly improved and there is now a tremendous sense of urgency where there was none before.

Big thanks to Mike and the DiabloSport team for supporting the 200/Avenger 3.6 platform. I finally feel that I have a performance sedan!

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08-10 tunes are live on inTune at the moment, Trinity and inTune DCX are not too far behind :)
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