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Is anyone running a Predator 2 on a 2007 Charger RT?

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So I'm curious if anyone on here is running a Predator 2 on their 2007 Dodge CHarger RT 5.7? If so, do you have the full menu to adjust shift points, shift firmness, change tire size, remove rev limiter? I purchased one a month ago and it was stated that it would do all of those things. However, none of those show up on the menu. I've submitted the info to customer service 3 weeks ago but so far no fix. If anyone is running one on the same vehicle, I'm curious if these options are working on yours. Currently it's a $350 paperweight.


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We have had a few reports of this and it is being looked into.
Do you have a case number that you were given by our tech here?

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