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Post Tue Oct 22, 2019 8:51 am

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So I was taking my girlfriend to work just smiling and enjoying the day. When I seen a ford f150 supercharged Harley Davidson addition get in the other lane to line up with me at the red light. I'm always wanting to run but truthfully no one ever wants to, So most of the time I just look like an azz as I pull off from the lights like a bat out of hell:shy:. But when the light turned green and I really didn't getting in it good, but im always trying to leave the light first. We was door to door as I was only a little more than part throttle. He started to pull ahead. Then I knew it was on! So I hammered on it and my tires wouldn't hook and as they started to smoke I fell to his back tires, Then the head snatch from the tires catching grip. Then I literally walked all over this ford. Catching a hard 2rd with my back tires at his doors so he could hear them bark and bite at the ford like a cat that done walked into the wrong yard. By the time we went under the next light (less then 1/8 mile) I had at least a 1 1/2 trucks length on him. Later down the rode he pulled up next to me in congested traffic and ask, What you got in that thing? As I replied HEMI, I then ask are you supercharged? As He says yes I say that's cute. And I go about my day with it just a little more beautiful than before. lol

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