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Post Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:23 am

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Hey guys this may not belong here but since were all a little bit of computer geeks figured i would ask the diablo sport family if you can help me out here. Mods feel free to move this around or delete if you dont want these kinds of questions here just this was the first place i wanted to check for tech stuff like this.

anyone ever tried to send a img. file from google drive (on your phone) via text(sms) my phone wont let me do it dont know if i need a app or if anyone has done this before.

i am working with a customer and would like to send them a pic of something already in my drive, it lets me upload then says "can attach this file here"...arrg thanks for the help everyone.

running lg viper (not rooted) ics 4.0.4
2008 colorado 2.9, 6khids,more to come
2007 mazdaspeed 6 2.3mzr, cai,custom exhaust...whooosa(sold
2006 Sierra denali lq9/6.0l :CAI, 9r3 slp7193 tuner. (sold)
04 sierra 5.3 lm7 zex 75 shot, slp7193 tunner, cai, corsa catback, dynatech lt's, m/t 33's, levieling kit. (sold)

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