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Car dead, tuner won't restore stock tune

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Post Sat May 24, 2014 7:00 pm

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I purchased a U7191 Predator (v.8r06) from a fellow GTO owner on the LS1 board. After receiving it yesterday I plugged into my car, it downloaded the stock tune, and I uploaded the "Diablo" tune. Started the car, it ran fine.

Later, after reading the manual online I determined I should have done the "91 Octane" tune since that's premium octane here in Arizona. I plugged in, chose the 91 octane tune, and it started uploading. Almost immediately my car started chiming, and the dash readout alerted me to ABS failure, fuel gauge, failure, and on and on. After the tune was done I attempted to start the car and it was (and is) dead. All accessories work, it just won't turn over.

When I tried restoring the stock tune, it wouldn't allow it saying something about unauthorized because download tune didn't match car or some stupid thing. I tried "force tune" and it asked for a password I obviously don't have. When I attempted to redo the performance tune it asked me whether my car was a SSR or Trailblazer SS (it's a '06 GTO). I didn't want to choose either for fear of something getting even more jacked up.

Now what am I supposed to do? The car's dead, the Predator thinks my GTO is a truck, and it won't allow me to restore my factory tune. To say I'm upset would be an understatement - I just rented a car for three days to get me to Tuesday when Diablosport is open again. :(

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Eric helped me straighten this out - thanks!

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Garrett was his name :)

Glad to hear it.
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mikel wrote:
Garrett was his name :)

Glad to hear it.

Sorry, my bad. Thanks Garrett.

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What did they do to help to fix the problem?

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