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Better tune than 7193 for 2004 LS6 Vette?

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Bought the 7193 a few years ago & used the "special" tune included and car has been great on 91 unleaded.

I am in a competition this year with a guy running a C6 GrandSport so he has some edge on hp/tq and bigger tires/brakes & he's beating me by a few 10th's of a sec.

I already know that the stock ls6 is tuned from the factory pretty well & 7193 gives me a little more.

Would any of the newer tools/tunes be an improvement? My intake is pretty wide open & I have to run cats so exhaust is pretty much as it is.

243 heads are good & no cam change so we are staying pretty stock here.

I need maybe 10 more hp/tq to even it up is my guess. I really don't want to pay for a custom tune or diy.

Is there anything to be gained with a newer tool/tune? I could mix in some unleaded race gas as needed.

T/C is off & rev lim is up 200 on the gears I use for autox. A6 tires.

Thanks if you have any ideas or please be honest if I'm at my limit.


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There could be some small gains to be had but you'd need to do some logging and a custom tune to find out.

The tunes haven't changed on our end, so no need to switch to a different tool.

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