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'00 SS - U7198 Tuning and Update?

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Post Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:56 am

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Hey guys. I just bought a 2000 SLP SS A4 with some bolt ons. Long tubes, Off Road X, Race bullets. SLP Lid, 160 Stat, Ported TB. Stock trans, stock 3.22 gear. As far as I know that's the only mods installed

Came with a Diablo Predator U7198 Tuner. Running V9r11! I know I need to update it badly.

My question is this: When I update it I know I return it to stock tune, then update. Will the newest update have improved Diablo Tune(93 octane) tune for the car? I'm just learning how to tweak PE, timing etc to tune on the car but I'd mostly like to just use the Diablo tune, input tire size, remove TM and leave it alone as I will be doing a full dyno tune after my heads, cam, intake, stall install. Any help is much appreciated.

If possible what is suggested as a generic change to a bolt on SS that will benefit the car without doing data logging and exact changes for this cars data?

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