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Post Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:00 am

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I know for a fact that my 7193 Predator "displays" tranny adjustments such as pressure, speed points, up and down for normal and tow when hooked up to my 2003 5.3 Z71 4X4. I have never attempted to use these. I keep reading the Predator does not have any tranny support so these selections just don't do anything?

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U7193 - rev 9r07

Post Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:13 am

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that predator has full trans control, they work just fine.
you may have read that they do not have TCM support, your truck does not use a TCM ;)
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Post Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:59 pm

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I turned the TM back on and this appears to have taken care of the quick/slamming 1-2 shifting at low speed. I was really worried about this hard shifting when I'm tow in tow mode. I'm not sure as of yet if this enough.

Question, could you explain what the partial throttle firmness adjustment is for? I assume it is to adjust how firm the tranny shifts at a partial or very slow speed. If so I might need to try reducing the firmness there later if need be as at low speed is where it shifts so hard. I'm running the canned 87 tune and love it. I bought my Predator in 2003 and sent it in for the upgrade several yrs back but have never upgraded to the present Ver.

I can't speak for every vehicle out there, but as for fuel mileage and power I love the diablo and 87 canned tunes in my pickup. I KNOW what my mileage is because I've calculated every tank since I purchased this truck new! Last year I lost the tranny at 46K miles due to a faulty sprag which chevy wouldn't stand behind due to the age of my truck. I had the tranny rebuilt and during that time I had removed the 87 tune. I noticed that fuel mileage was running in the low 16's and just recently installed the tune and dialed in my fuel trims, and guess what? First tank of BP 87 on 371 miles half tank interstate half tank VA mountain calculated 17.47 MPG AVG! I KNOW I get better mileage and power with you tunes!


Sorry I get long winded sometimes :roll:
2003 Silverado Z71
5.3T Stock
Volant CAI PowerCore with Air Ram
U7193 - rev 9r07

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