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Post Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:11 pm

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Year: 2005
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette LS2

Part Number: U7191 gm_E40

Software Revision: v.8r07

Description: Tried to install original backup stock tune. Something went wrong. Hesitated at 70% and finished but I knew right away something went wrong. Maybe lost communication or something. Would not even turn over and acting very strange. Tried reinstalling original backup but would not let me. Starting trying things and somehow it started reading and installing a custom tune. It now runs fine but it will not let me install the original backup. It says export calid error (1). I think it may have copied the bad cal that was in the car as the new original backup? I dont know what has happened. I sent some pictures that I hope will help. I did save the origanal back up on my laptop last year. You can see it in one of the pics. Its the one with the file name as the vin #. I did try sending the origanal backup cal from my laptop to the predator and I think it took but showed up as a custom tune? The backup.lan is the file I exported today and I believe is the current custom tune. So it could be my original backup cal just showing as a custom tune. I have no idea what has happened. Just guessing. Basically for now I just want to get my stock cal back in and the tool unlocked and start from the beginning. I have no idea what tune is in right now. It says custom tune last written. And it will not let me restore to original back up. I believe the predator has a corrupt original backup that it copied when I hooked it up after the no start condition. I need to know how to send my original backup from my laptop to the predator. And then get it to my car.

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