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Post Thu Aug 27, 2015 3:43 pm

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Not quite sure if this is what this forum is for or not but here we go. On my 03 predator/ext puck stack I love the power and mpg, been looking at more upgrades. I have trans upgrade going in as well as the 2nd gen manifold set up as well. Have a fass 150 ,4in straight, nice filter Set up, 3in intake horn, I want to buy some nozzles, I don't want to go too big but I don't want to go too small. What is a good starting point and what works best with the stacker tune ? I'm looking at a 62 to 64mm turbo with 12cm housing to keep a somewhat quick spool. I was wanting no bigger than 100 nozzles. Does this sound adequate, I'm shooting for the 600 range for now. I am very satisfied with the drivability characteristics with the predator/puck now. I would like to keep it as close to that power curve just with more go. It seems when I touch the go pedal it does just that, GO. Very very minimal lag if any at all noticeable and that's something I want to keep. Thanks for any info in advance.

Post Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:46 am

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Here is a data log and stock tune file without upgrade from today.

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