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NEED HELP 03 No CEL light CA

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Post Thu Jan 30, 2020 11:54 pm

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I had to smog my 03 today so I removed the performance tune and hid the puck and turned it off. I failed smog because the check engine light is not working properly now after flashing factory tune back. I tried re-flashing and then writing back to factory again with no change. Occasionally I get the light, but not every time the key is cycled in the run start or start position. I checked codes after I failed and had the P0602 code, and brake/ABS lights on, but after the second re-flash I had no stored codes and it looks like the brake warning lights are off. The truck seems to run normally, but the intermittent/non-functional light failing smog is keeping me from my tags that I already paid for.

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