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May be a stupid question but?? Here goes!

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I have an issue with my 2003 6L , when it is cold it starts rough and the first few miles feels like it is missing (ya I know there' s no plugs) but same feeling . When it it warm it does not seem to be as bad , when the truck warms up it has good power . My question is it an injector or could it be FICM?

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Sounds like an injecotr or possibly FICM issue, yes, assuming the fuel filer is clean.
I also recall my roommates truck doing this when his EGR would clog up...
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Most likley a FICM. Hard start when cold as well?
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Yes I usually have to try 2- 3 times to start it when cold. I am in northern Canada and it is extremely cold here right now. There is no tell tale white smoke to indicate an injector, So I am leaning to FICM issue but wanted another opinion.

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