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07 2500 hd 6.6 - installs but wont run right at all !!

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ok so i bought the predator from a friend and installed it on my truck. it dowloaded and everything but as soon as i went to take off, it stuttered then took off like scared cat , then died. does this everytime .... it seems as soon as i get close to 2000 rpms it does it . i put it back to stock and it runs fine. it did throw he code P0606 after this all happened. my buddy said he never had a problem with it on his and he has used it on few different trucks. any ideas??? :normal:

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what revision do you have listed on the main page of the tool when powered up.

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v8r20 is what is currently showing when i plug it in....

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needs to be updated to the attached version.
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well i finally got things lined up n updated it n it worked. but i hate to inform ya i couldnt use the update u sent me... idk why but it wouldnt go through... i ended up gettin it to work with 9r08.... but thank you for the info and evrything !!!

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