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Post Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:07 pm

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It's so great that this company can't give a realistic date of release for the vehicle I asked about. A little advice for you, don't tell people what you think they want to hear just to string them along. I would rather have the truth than the crap that you have fed me. Who knows, maybe you are actually really close to the release and that would be great. If you look back at this string, I only reply based on the dates you have said. Again, real dates would be great. If its unknown, then say its unknown.

I'm trying to give you $$$ and you obviously don't want it. You would like to think that tunes for Raptors would be a priority because the people who buy Raptors want all the performance they can get since they are pretty much just toys.

On a positive note, I really like the T2 and how the tunes performed on my 2015 6.2L GMC Sierra Denali, that's the only reason I'm waiting for 2019 Raptor tunes.

Post Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:38 am

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Sorry, Im simply passing along updates I get from engineering.
No desire to lead anyone on. I'll avoid updates until it is released....
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