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06 CVPI, after puttin on 91/93perf. Cars PCM wont work

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Lastnight I had the 87Tune in, and car ran beautifully. then I noticed there was a 91 and a 91/93 performance tune. so I went to my local Husky gas station and got some 94 Octane, then ran it through the tank a bit by driving and when I pulled over to write the 91/93 Perf.Tune It asked to shut off ignition and turn back on accessory so I did.. then a message came up. Unable to communicate with PCM. So not only is my car a brick right now, I cant put my original backup back on it even my laptop and my code reader wont read it. its like the Trinity fried my PCM.. Ive checked every single fuse/relay associated with the PCM..

I also had to get my car towed to my house because I wasnt home when writing it.

All the Trinity does is ask for me to unplug it and plug it back in on the 3rd attempt of trying to connect
Also my cars instrument cluster lights up like a christmas tree now; and the mileage read out flashes what it actually is like 191,xxxKM on key on. but after 3 seconds goes to --------km.

Car just turns over but wont fire.
Picture included below
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please give us a call with the tool powered up in the vehicle and we'll see whats going on there.

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