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Tune from the online tuning store or local authorized dealer

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I currently have an 09 Shelby GT500. I have the 93 octane tune with the FRP CAI and 2.7" pulley tune installed. It has worked pretty good especially since I am running a 2.5" pulley. Well I just installed Dynatech's full length headers with high flow cats running through a 3" x-pipe reduced down to 2.5" over axle pipes connected to a pair of Borla S-type mufflers(Stingers). My friend has a similar set up and the cars are night and day. So, I know the car needs a tune with the right mods in it. Was looking for advice on getting it from the Diablo Sports on line store or visit a local authorized tuning retailer. Want to take care of this and shut my friend up for talking smack that I should have gone with a SCT tuner from VMP. Please advise! Need to get back on the road and kick his #ss!! :drivingbad:

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Best bet is to use the find a dealer link on our site to find a cmr tuner in your area or check out for a good email tuning option.

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