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2009 mustang BBK 70mm throttle body

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Post Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:55 am

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Hello all,
I just installed a 70mm BBK throttle body on my 2009 Mustang 45th anniversary edition V-6 with automatic transmission.

I have :
91 Oct tune installed with speed limit turned off and esp turned off
ss shorty headers
ford racing CAI
ZEX wet sys 100 HP with window switch
Custom Exhaust system. hybrid ford racing x pipe /mid pipe steel packs and custom tips
magna flow high flow cats with new o2 sensors
TSW 20 X 10 rears 20 x 9.5 fronts wearing nitto NT05 tires.
Eibach sportline full suspension system sway bars shocks and struts.
Stop tech slotted rotors and pads

The car ran just fine at Brainard International Raceway proving grounds last week end and right up until I installed the BBK?
It now throws the following codes:
P2104 throttle actuator control system forced idle.
P2111 throttle actuator control system stuck open.
I checked the top wire going to the tps for voltage and have a stock voltage of 1.194
with the BBK adjusted it is reading 1.1952
I adjust it to 1.194 - 1.195 static warm engine and it will move up or down just a little .02 -.04 range difference.
I now can drive around in first second or third WOT and decel with no issues.
but if I put it in drive ( automatic mode ) and floor it and then let off I get the codes listed above and a angry wrench and loose all throttle inputs???
pull over and do the three on off key resets and then start on the fourth reset.
I can drive fine until I use passing gear from drive and it does it all over again???
Any input would be greatly appreciated on a fix for this issue.

Post Sun Sep 14, 2014 1:29 am

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I just returned everything back to stock and no issues with it at all now drives great.
I still do not know why the faults with the BBK 70mm TB??????????????????
I guess it will be going back. Unless some one on here wants it?

Post Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:39 am

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The codes will come back. By programming the pcm you just reset all the counters. BBK throttle bodies are known for this type of stuff..
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