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Taurus SHO, Getting back to Original back-up

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I have a 2013 Taurus SHO and all was fine until I tried to get my original tune loaded back on. Here is what I did...... I downloaded the original tune off my car. Then I loaded the 86 octane tune with no issues. A week or 2 later I loaded the 93 octane tune, again with no problems. Now I am trying to get back to stock and it is telling me "This tool was used to flash a "2004-2014 Ford Gas Vehicles" with "Premium Fuel Performance". The Original Backup must be restored to that vehicle before tuning another vehicle is possible. Then it also says "(3) This tool is not licensed for use with this vehicle.

What do I do???

I think the problem might have been that I loaded the 93 tune without restoring the original tune first. I went from the 86 tune to the 93...

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give us a call with the tool powered up in the car and we can fix it.
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