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09 GT500 running lean with JLT 127mm CAI and 2.5 pulley

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I only see an option for the 2.7 pulley with the JLT CAI. I keep having issues with the car running lean. Would an updated tune resolve this issue? I called one time and your customer service rep suggested to up the Mass air table to 15% that works till i get under full boost. Please advise.

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Post your last tune written and a log of idle currently.
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Here is the data log. Let me know what you think. And thanks for your help. The car has a 15% Overdrive Innovators West Harmonic Balancer as well. Just for your info. Please advise would like to drive the car for Easter weekend. Been 30 days since I have driven her.

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Didn't know which one you needed. So here is the other file.

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