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problems with operation of 2008 GT

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Post Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:00 pm

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I installed a new tune Friday after installing new tires and wheels of a different size. ALso I installed a new set of rear gears, 373. The modified tune I installed is the 91 FR. What I noticed after doing the new tune is that I was sporadically not having right side vehicle turner signals and sometimes no head lights... at first I thought I was needing new light bulbs in the rear... but having done a a reset top my original vehicle tune that did not cure my problems. I am not sure what I have done wrong but this are not as they should be and I do not know where to go from here,, please help. Denny

ps, I THINK I HAVE FOUND MY PROBELM. Trying to trouble shoot the electrical problem with the lights, front, back, etc. and waiting a possible error from my Trinity I went to the fuse box and looking at the fuses it looked like some were not necessarily seated properly[?] after reseating the fuses, the problem at this point is solve for now anyway. SInce I do not know exactly what I did is correct I'll run the car a few days to see if in deed all is good... sorry for any headaches to you but I could not figure out where the problem was coming from.

Now that that seems to be behind me for now, I would like to layout what MODS I have done to the car in the last month and see if you might have any suggestions for me to do more parameter resets:

FR CAI, also with this I installed a 'SHAKER' hood scope
new gear set from 321 to 373
new tire and wheel with staggered front and rear: rear-275 40 18
I am currently tuned with the 91octane performance tune with these added MODS, as mentioned I am not sure if I would be good to change any other parameters? Thanks for your patience and help. Denny

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