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Corrupted vin stored in T1000. Unable to return to stock.

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Several months ago I was tuning a 2011 F-150 3.5 Ecoboost in the dyno, I did a test on the dyno, then modified some parameters, and tested again, I repeated this a few times, and suddenly my T1000 told me it was installed in a diferent car...

The VIN stored in the T1000 is diferent from the real one, and Im unable to go back to the stock tune, I contacted support but they were not helpful, they told me that I was trying to install it in a different car...

My client at that time told me that it was fine and he would take the car as it was, but he came back and told me he wants to return it to stock, which can not be done because "the VIN is different".

What can I do to return the car to stock? Is the T1000 "dead"?

I have used and recommended multiple DiabloSport products (Trinity T1000 and T2, Intune, CMR, Predator, etc) and I have never had a problem like this.
T1000 Stored VIN vs Car VIN
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Give us a call with the device powered up please.
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