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mikel wrote:
idangerous wrote:
If I buy a CMR License can I turn this code off myself ?

Ill turn it off in the tune, b ut it doesnt truly resolve the issue.
Code will come back if dealer flashes the pcm or if stock pcm is reinstalled.

So if you turn it off in the tune on an unlocked PCM, would the Dealer be able to detect that there is an unlocked tuned PCM in the vehicle with the code shut off in the tune ?

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dealer can only detect what the pcm tells them, so if it doesn't throw the code they have nothing to check for or reason to look.

As mentioned, if they flash the pcm or replace it, the code will then appear.
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My dealer saw 2 things, the p1400 code with the aftermarket calibration, and a non OEM PCM part number, from when the unlocked one was installed. So seems like they will see the different part number even if they dont see the code.


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