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Trinity 'Incremental Updates' explained

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Post Tue Oct 27, 2009 1:37 pm

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When you go to the Trinity downloads page, you may see more than 1 update available.

The first update listed will always be the latest "full release". -- for example: "Trinity Crom 1r06 - 67J_trinity-1r06.crom"

Under this "full release" revision update, you may often see incremental updates. These updates (identified by the _UXXX predator based part number - i.e. 1r06a-u7135) are updates that will bring the Trinity support up to the current level of Predator support.

The incremental update will also state which "full release" revision you need to have applied to your Trinity first, before applying the incremental update. -- for example: "Trinity Crom 1r06a-u7135 (this crom needs 1r06 update first!)"

For example, lets say Dodge released a bunch of new calids for the SRT8. We update the Predator and make a incremental update for Trinity, since there is no reason to spin a full Trinity release, since only people with SRT8s are concerned about this update.

So, if you already had the base full release revision applied to your Trinity, you would just need to download the incremental revision update - a, b, c, etc etc - whichever was the latest/newest letter-release.

Once the next "full release" Trinity crom is released, it will contain everything that was previously released in the incremental updates.
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I have version v.1r09c. I have a 2011 Charger R/T R/T pac. and STP pac. The car runs fine with the tune. Is there any advantage to update to a d,e,f, or g?

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Would be nice if the question was answered. It would also be nice to know when they release the update, what the changes are.

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^^^ same comment for me. When Apple sends out firmware updates, they share what is in the release. I was on 10b. Never had the dealer flash the car, so unless there was something major in the CROM update why update? But since it was recommended to me from from DS tech to install and update to 10f, i had to unmarry the Trinity, install new CROM, make new original back up, then reinstall my custom tune and Im not sure whats new? Thx guys.

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Ha...I was thinking same thing...why the hell would I apply an update if I have no idea what it includes or does? Yet, I have something broken forever nobody can or wants to fix due to trinity, so of course I don't trust their updates one bit...I would never know if a fix is in one of these updates, or more breaks...because they don't share information (if they did, I would never have broke my truck it in the first place, if they released "RELEASE NOTES" that said "hey you, this will break your car and put your ABS light on forever if you change tire size, so pls do so at your own risk"

I would have respected diablo and the product much more than I do, if they were proactive and forthright

Instead, I learned later that many have this issue, all over the other forums, but still do they warn anyone? NOOOOO
any idea on a fix ETA? NOOOO
any idea if these updates contain a fix? or are they just allowing more people to break their ABS lights? Looks like it

But hey, they communicate really great when they want to announce "1st to market... with a new inbox is lit up with those emails regularly!

maybe the marketing guys there could teach the tech guys about communications...

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any answer from diablosport for above message

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Nobody's home...

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That's no joke, nobody is home... and their tech support was for lack of better terms was less then customer satisfaction based--this "it is what it is" attitude towards customers is really how DS treats their customers---then word does and has got out. No support for TCM on 05 ram hemis, TCM was supported on the predators and the highest priced tuner from them and the module for TCM was not even put in the CROM file. They all use the same operating systems and then tech support says (*&^ you.
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