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Diablo Last tune did not finish/TCM 116 Error

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how did you recover it?
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I connected it back to DSdownloader and clicked on Calibration update again. Even though I had done this prior I did it again for grins. Connected it back to my truck and it gave me a different error that "update did not finish calibration update via DSDL was completed successfully, press center key to update vehicle calibration". So I click ok and let the calibration I just loaded on to the Trinity try and load onto the truck. Well it got to 100% but failed the Key on/off cycle verification, and started looping again. So I unhooked it and noticed that the [] around the Park, P symbol was back. Example [P]. So I turned the key on and heard the fuel pump this time. Then I tried starting the truck and it started up. So far everything seems fine and I drove the truck to work this morning. The only issue I have it that I still get the calibration update error and need to know how to get rid of it. I am not looking to run another calibration because I have since put my SCT custom tune back onto my truck.

I am going to use the Trinity to data log and that error keep coming and if by mistake I hit "OK" it will try to calibrate over my SCT tune :(. I can bypass the calibration error for the time being but I want it gone for good.

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please hit reply on my email from yesterday and we will reset the tool.

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garrett wrote:
please hit reply on my email from yesterday and we will reset the tool.

Reply sent to email from yesterday.


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Thanks Garrett for the reset. All if well now...

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Has this issue with the 2004 ram 1500 5.7 been resolved? I want to order one but don't want to have to deal with reflashing issues


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