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Log files corrupted showing garbage data

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Thanks Stoopalini. I don't have access to the tool right now but that's the version. Pretty sure that's what's been on there since day 1

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mikel wrote:
id try restoring the stock tune and updating the device then see how the logs look.

When I do this will the hemifever custom tune remain on the tool? Or will I need to get a new version of the tune that is paired with a new original backup?
I would like to have the exact steps I need to follow to get back to where I am now. With the hemifever tune....

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Updating the Trinity device should not cause you to have to get another tune file from Sean. Just restore the stock tune, then update the Trinity, then copy Sean's tune back onto the Trinity like you did the 1st time, and load that tune.

For updating the Trinity, I'd force the Mega Crom file into the Trinity 1st, then would go through the "Update Tool" process in DS Downloader to do the incremental updates.

You also shouldn't need to load a canned tune like you did the 1st time, prior to installing Sean's tune. That was required then so Sean could modify the stock backup file to create your custom tune.

Only the software in the Trinity is changing, not the software in your PCM. The custom tune Sean created is tied to the stock tune parameters and your PCM's VIN. Neither of these things will change by updating the Trinity.
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When you use dsdownloader to send a custom tune to the tool, before it will do so, it asks for the original backup file as well. I can point it to the old one that is on my hard drive, but will it reject it when it doesn't match the new one on the tool after the reset? Or if the tool is unmarried after the reset? I would like Diablosport to clarify the correct process for me before I do it. Can you even transfer a tune to an unmarried tool? You used to not be able to do that.

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Ya, great point, and one I just ran into myself.

I just went through a reset of my trinity with Diablo support, and did a force calibration update on the PCM to get it back to OEM. Then I tried to push the Hemifever tune onto the Trinity, and like you said, it asked for the original backup file. So I cancelled, and then went to the vehicle to load the 91 Perf tune to obtain a backup, but the load failed.

So, for testing purposes, I tried to push the Hemifevver tune to the Trinity again, and this time I selected my original backup file, and it worked to get it onto the trinity.

SO I went back to the vehicle nad tried to load the Hemifever tune on. I also noticed my SD Card was still plugged in, so I removed it just for sanity's sake. I selected the Hemifever custom tune, and it proceeded to do the backup as expected. This time is completed successfully, and the Hemifever tune loaded without a problem.

So, you can select your original backup file when loading Sean's tune ... at least I was able to without issue.
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Cool, thank you. I will report back when I return in a week and a half or so!

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No luck. Garbage data in log file recorded after Trinity reset, update, and install of custom tune.

I was able to log thru to my laptop directly and sent those back to hemifever.

But I'm thinking my Trinity needs replaced to get Trinity-only logging working properly again.

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I would like to be able to log directly on the Trinity without having to tote my laptop around.

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i have same problem i have intune i2. i updated and tried logging with stock tune and got junk data. only a few of the stock parameters even showed data and that data was not accurate. all other parameters were dead (not moving up updating). i have tried viewing through data viewer with stock tune and custom tune and tried logging with only i2 plugged into car and got exact same results with stock tune and custom tune.

also when trying to add any PID to log, once i tap record, absolutely no data at all shows up.

what solutions do you have???


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