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SERV4WD on a 2011 Grand Cherokee VS Trinity

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I already own a Trinity that is working with my 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T.

Also, I own a 2011 Grand Cherokee 5.7l.

Sometime, very rarely and aleatory, the SERV4WD message appears.

And it disappears for a while as soon as I turn the engine off.

Can I use my Trinity to disgnose this trouble, when the message is displayed?

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if it does not lead to a check engine light, the trinity will not likely be able to help unfortunately.

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No check engine, unfortunatly.

Thanks for the anwser, Mike.

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Hey Joelb,

Try an internet search for service 4wd / grand Cherokee. not sure if your model is covered but jeeps have known weird issues and this is one of them.

usually the indicator comes on after you try to us the little t-handle, if you have that, to engage 4wd low. Sometimes this happened after a recalls done for the ignition switch, sometimes not.
The fix is to remove the fuse for the 4wd, fuse 23 or 30, again check your applicability, and start the Jeep for a minute or two, then shut it down and put the fuse back in and restart and your good to go.

There are a few videos on u tube as well.

Hope this helps, GL

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