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Post Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:43 am

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Hello again, I am facing a problem at cold start. The car now operates nice, all boost problems I had in the past with CEL etc. are gone, the car goes into steady boost etc with no problems at all and I really enjoy it. However, when it is at cold start it takes a while to warm up and be able to drive it.

In a normal car by turning the key on and starting the engine you wait for 1 minute or up until it idles and then you are ready to go.

In my car what happens is the following.

Turn key on and starts the engine.

AFR is at 14.8 and starts dropping slowly up until it reaches 11.5, it stays there for about 4-5 minutes (meanwhile the car idles at around 750rpm). If I try to go into gear and leave it stalls as by pressing the accelerator the AFR goes into 10s and becomes even richer in fuel. After these 4-5 minutes pass, the O2 sensor kicks in and regulates AFR, the cold start map process has finished, the AFR from 11s goes into a steady 14.5-15,0 and I can leave without having stalling issues. It is like as if I have to do a mandatory warm-up of 4-5 minutes each time I need to drive the car from a cold start. Is there any way around that problem?

I have 1000cc injectors, fuel return line and all mods needed for that setup. If I change into smaller injectors like ie 800cc or 750cc could it resolve my cold start problem easier? At this point it is really crucial and important for me to be able to drive-off (even at low speed) as soon as I enter the car. The car is a Dodge Caliber SRT4 09 with big turbo.

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