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2012 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi Trinity Update Issue

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Just got a new Trinity T1000 and a total newbie to this thing. Got it plugged up, DSDownloader downloaded and drivers installed and seeing it in the DSDownloader. Have downloaded the newest updates automatically through updater and made sure the newest version of Chrysler vehicles are installed, v.1r13e, part; diablo_dcx_gas. It is unmarried and reads my VIN but when I plug it up to the truck I go to click the performance button and I go through the prompts with the ignition and it tells me," Please connect this Trinity to the DSDownloader program at your PC and click the Calibration Updater button to update your vehicle to a supported CAL ID. For more info go to Well, for one that webpage must be out of date because I only get redirected to the Diablo home page. Second, I'm sure I'm missing just one minor step that is preventing me from getting this right.......Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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install dsdl from here, let it connect to the tool then click cal updater button. ... .3.1.0.exe

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