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180 TStat and Trinity

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Post Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:11 pm

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So I did the 180 TStat in my 2016 Charger R/T and installed my tune with the new fan settings. However, I go to check and the fans are still coming on at 199. It cools the engine back down to 188 and when moving I’m at 185-188 steady. Same if the heat is on. However, it looks like the fans are still coming on at 199 so the temperature just keeps fluctuating when I’m stopped. If I’m not moving, it’s on a constant loop of 188-199.

I tried reinstalling the tune with varying fan temps, no dice. Keeps coming on at 199. I read on one post that apparently the fan acts like stock when in P, N, or otherwise idle. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas. Seems odd the temps keep going up and down. In my 08 they were fairly steady and fans came on at the preset temp regardless of vehicle movement.

Post Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:50 pm

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monitor while vehicle is moving, the fan controls dont affect when the car is not moving.
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