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TCM tuning on 2014 Jeep SRT (8 speed)

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Post Thu May 10, 2018 8:30 pm

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I was told by a Diablo tech support phone agent that TCM tuning was now available for Jeep SRT 8 speed.

I plugged in the trinity to pc to update the crom and it said that I needed to restore the original back up to the vehicle first. So I did that, and then updated the crom on the trinity to the latest file on the website under downloads.

I then loaded the canned 93 tune so it could create a new backup file. And then I loaded my custom CMR e85 tune.

I do not see anything where I'm able to adjust or load a canned TCM tune. Frustrated about the waste of time.

Is there something I am missing?


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The ZF8 support is based on 15+ models at this time.
I know there are a few 14 cals that are supported but not officially.
I do apologize if you were mislead, and I will try to clarify to our teams that this is not currently an option.

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Thanks, how will I be aware if this becomes an option for the 2014? Or maybe it is already?

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