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T1000 calibration update needed repeatedly

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I have spoken on the phone with 3 different tech support as well as emailed with one. My emails are not being returned after my initial one. My t1000 continues to say it needs a calibration update whenever a custom tune has been loaded into my truck, 2008 ram 1500 5.7. I have tried working with two separate cmr tuning companies. Custom tunes worked before but while one was tweaking my tune, it began acting up. It says it loads the custom tune into my truck but it does not drive like it has been uploaded and when I go to performance, it tells me I need a calibration update. Once I complete the calibration, I can use a preloaded tune and have no issues but any tune from either company based on the very latest backup, will say it has been loaded successfully but does not run like it has been and when I go to performance it goes back to needing a calibration update. I have even tried custom tunes which worked without issue before. My truck has not been flashed by the dealer, I am a technician myself and do not update my vehicle through the dealership equipment.

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was the tool updated at some point prior to this happening?
what is the current part/version on the tuner?

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Current version is 1r13k. I updated the tool before getting a custom tune. It was 1r10 before that I believe. I got version one of my custom tune, worked fine. Got version 2 and it kept telling me I needed a calibration upgrade after installing version 2. So i tried version 1, same thing. Sent hemifever the new backup after doing the calibration upgrade and he changed the tune to match it even though it looked the same and still getting the calibration upgrade message after installing a custom tune but not after a preinstalled tune.

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