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T1000 on 13 Challenger R/T Shuts down everything

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PLEASE HELP. I just received a T1000 and attempted to tune my 2013 Challenger R/T. After going through the process for about an hour and everything looked like it was going as planned until it got to the last step and asked me to turn the ignition on and off to complete. Well to my surprise everything was complete dead in the car expect for the power anywhere especially at the ignition button. After reading some on line support forums I decide to disconnect the battery, wait 20min and reconnect. Luckily this reset everything and I was able to start the car.
So then I did some more reading to figure out what the problem was. After a few hours of figuring our how to get the download software to work (the CD that was supplied did not work and I guess I am lucky that I actually have an old PC that has CD ROM drive) I updated the T1000 with the latest software version and tried again. To my disappointment...the exact some thing happened.
Dows anyone have any idea why this keeps happening and how to fix it? As of now I have almost a whole day into to frustrations and an expensive plastic box that is doing nothing for me. I have owned many different tuners on many different vehicles and have never experienced this type of trouble.

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Well the saga continues. Even though I could not get the tune to load I had the T1000 plugged into the OBD on Monday just to see how the screen interface works. I left it plugged in when I went into work. The screen turned off like normal and I have several other tuners with displays that I keep plugged in the same way. Much to my surprise when I can back out to the car after a 12 hour shift the battery was completely dead!! It is a newer battery and I have NEVER had that issue before. Charged the car up and removed the T1000. Left it over night and no issue. I am convinced that there is something seriously wrong with this unit. Since no one from Diablo has responded to my technical inquire email or this thread in 3 days and the continued issues that I am having with the T1000....this one is going back and I will certainly never recommend this company or their products to anyone.

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are you removing the push to start button?
If not thats the issue. Remove the button and insert the key and the tunes will load fine.

As for the batt drain issue, under settings, change the sleep monitor option to 60 seconds and that should resolve it on the Challenger.

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