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new trinity wont connect to server for update

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i just got my new trinity t1000 yesterday and the instructions were kinda confusing. i setup the ds downloader and installed the drivers but when i connect my tool and try to register it it says it cant receive data from the server to check my connection and make sure a firewall is disconnected so I did all those things and the same thing happens. can someone please help? thanks in advance.

my vehicle is a 2005 chrysler 300c 5.7 hemi rwd

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So I erased everything on my PC went to the website and downloaded the new drivers in the DS downloaded directly from the website and finally got everything registered and connected to the server. Now when I plug into my OBD two sensor it tells me that my car is not supported says I flash may be necessary It’s says
PCM 04896415AK
TCM 04692390AC

CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT TO DO? Please and thank you.


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I'm no expert, but maybe it's something simple. Did you load the correct crom file into the tuner?
05-10 Chrysler Gas 1r13k 2017-12-28 21:53:25 trinity_dcx_gas-1r13k_update.crom

I'm sure someone will come around soon to help out but these forums are pretty dead so you probably aren't going to get immediate responses. Or call them during business hours.
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I’m sure it’s simple I’m a complete newb with this thing. I updated the tool via the ds downloader but it still says a flash may be required or an update for the tool may be available.

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