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Will they ever support 2017 Pentastar 3.6?

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I sold my 2011 Durango and restored the tuner to stock. I now have a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6l. It seems my T1000 won't work on it now. Are we just waiting for support for this to catch up? Do they need a few years to figure it out, or is it never going to happen. If that's the case, I might as well sell it now. Thanks.
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I am thinking the same thing! What does the 17 have different than the other ones?! I recently bought a challenger 3.6l 2017 and if i knew there were no tunes for the car i would never have bought the damn thing in the first place!! We need a tune asap or else imma loose it

Diablosport plzzzzzzz

I had a chat with a guy at diablosport this morning. Guy wasnt clear at all but what i understood is that right now there is not enough demand for them to bother developping a kit for the 2017 3.6l.

If you really really want to tune your car i just found out that HP tuners have all you need to tune your 2017. So go there and forget about diablosport... Its sad but hey at least someone made a tune for our cars.

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2017 V6 car models are indeed supported currently.
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