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2015 Chevy Colorado – TCM improvements missing?

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2015 Chevy Colorado V6
T1000 with CROM trinity_gm_can_gas-1r14a_update.crom

Installed the Diablo tune and the transmission feels as lazy as stock. I may have seen a screen during install that said something about the TCM not being stock. Now, I did remove an LMS tune from the truck - which includes a TCM modification. I was told as part of "returning vehicle to stock" process, it would indeed put it back to stock. So, is the Trinity not tuning the TCM? Another clue, I don't any "Firm" or "Hard" shift tunes in my list as the website states. Any idea what's going on here?


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you should have had an option for tcm tunes.
Please restore to stock tune try reloading the tunes and see if it lets you select a TCM file.
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