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Chevy 4L80E Transmission Pressure setting

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I've just put the 87 Tune on my 02 Avalanche 2500. It has the 4L80E Transmission, it shifts a bit hard like I'm trying to chirp my tires. I went into custom settings and changed the partial throttle shift pressure down to lowest setting -25 and it didn't change anything. Am I doing something wrong? I'd like to soften the shift up just a little bit. Awful heavy truck and I don't want to break anything. The transmission had a full rebuild about a year ago.


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Im guessing it was rebuilt a bit better than stock to add some mechanical line pressure?
Maybe a shift kit? Valve body mod?
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No its a totally stock rebuild, the original transmission I had to drive 500 miles pouring in transmission fluid as fast as it squirted out to get it home to fix the leak. It lasted about 6 months before it quit, that when i had it rebuilt. With the stock tune you cant feel it shifting at all, really smooth.

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