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Dude where's my Z-Bracket!

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Post Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:12 pm

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So I have had my new Dodge Charger RT since this last summer, and I started reading a lot about how the Hemi needs a catch can due to oil in the intake, I pulled the TB off and confirmed it, the intake was covered in oil! I started searching for a catch can and decided to buy the Diablosport one made by Billet Technologies. I decided to buy the one with the z-bracket, because I had read how it was a pain to drain without the z-bracket, summit racing sent me the one without the bracket, I didn't think much of it and decided just to install it anyways. The first time I changed the oil I realized that I really do need the bracket that I paid for, because it was a pain to take the bowl off. I called summit even though it was dropped shipped from Diablosport with no bracket. I have spoke with Summit racing and Diablosport and they both refuse to send me the bracket. They keep giving me the excuse that it's not for my application even though I paid the extra money for it $184.97 to be exact, when the one without was like $159 at the time, I refuse to buy the bracket, because someone was incompetent and couldn't do there job. I am really not happy about this and I don't understand why Diablo sport can't just send me the bracket, I mean hell I just spent $600 on the trinity for my car! :x

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