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knk Lt and ST retard help

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Post Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:07 pm

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I did some data logging and I got a reading on knk ST retard 5.000 deg well I got a pic so you can view.
knk LT retard 2.500 deg

isn't one suppose to stay at 0 all time? correct me if im wrong. how can I fix this what parameters do I have to change? I got a Dodge challenger srt with a whipple supercharger and im using Diablo intune.
datalog pic.PNG
data log pic
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Post Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:17 pm

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I am having the same trouble on my 2015 Jeep GC SRT 6.4. i run 98 octane fuel. i have installed the diablosport 93 octane tune, car has only had CAI, headers and magnaflow exhaust installed. i also get KNK ST retard pulling 5 degrees from 3800-6000rpm under medium load.

My research leads to a false knock, i believe that real engine detonation increases with engine load and rpm and shouldn't appear and disappear suddenly or sharply.

I have also read that installing headers can also cause this problem as the lighter and thinner walls of the headers tends to cause more noise and vibration. I caertainly can confirm the vibration part since the headers were installed. Nothing seems to be touching just the harmonic pulses of the exhaust gas against a thiner tube metal. Kind of like bouncing a ball on a thin metal roof.

Post Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:23 pm

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Sorry bumped the submit button!

In any event the theory seems to be plausible in my case given the greater noise and vibration from the engine increases with RPM. I would imagine in your case considering you have a whipple supercharger installed ( i have also purchased one and waiting on the guy to install) that they do make quite a whine with increase RPM and therefore may account for the KNK ST retard reading.

In addition the engine trouble light keeps coming on after being cleared.

I have submitted a support question to diablosport and ill see what they come back with. Surely adjustments in programming would have been factored into their software of these mods and potential false readings they might give.

Of course all of this is based on the assumption that there is nothing that is touching your engine or exhaust that is actually loose!

Post Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:01 am

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if your having issues with caned tunes I would go to hemifevers site and strongly think of getting on of his tunes I did for my truck the guy is excellent to deal with and his modified DS caned tunes are far better he states they are a little better that's an understatement installed his 91 tune big difference in performance and shifting for a modified DS can tune he charges 125 and even gets you to run a log on your vehicle so and send it back so he can see if any changes have to be made also his customer service is very good I can see why he is highly rated

Post Sat Oct 10, 2020 7:47 pm

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I'm having same issues. What did you figure out? I get random blips here and there of both LT and ST knk. Never over 3 to 4 degrees. I think it maybe false but unsure. No engine lights ever etc. Runs like a champ.
Dan Riniker

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