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2015 Mustang GT w/ headers - CEL P2004 & P2011

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please fill out the return form on our site and we'll issue an rma# to send it in and fix it up.
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Hey there I was curious because after 3 weeks of trying to find out what was wrong I think I tracked it down to this as well. I had installed the CAI from C&L Racer and then I got SP LT headers without cats and I always get P0135 so I followed what everyone always did which was getting new extensions and still it wasn’t fixed and now I finally found that my sensor in the back is broken for the IMRC solenoid. Keep in mind that this code didn’t always pop out for me though, only after driving around and sometimes. I guess it was making contact or something because I pulled it to one side and now I don’t get the code for Cylinder misfires either. I always always get the P0135 code and after driving around I get the P2004 and 2011. I was just going to ask where did you guys get the part and what’s the name of it and for how much? I don’t want to waste more already, already wasted 50 on bbk extensions that weren’t needed. I really hope this clears all the sensors for once.


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