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Bought intune from a guy who forced a tune into my truck

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I contacted technical support last night but couldn't get home in time to call before they closed.

Basically heres what happened:

I bought a intune off a friend of a friend. He forced a tune into my truck, and I am finding out now that he never removed his trucks VIN from the intune.

I cannot do anything with this unit and to make matters worse, this guy sold his old truck so he can't even help me at this point.

I called Diablo last night and paid to have this thing unlocked. I hooked it up to my computer where it updated, but I still cannot tune my truck or recover any saved backup.

What do I have to do to get this intune registered to my truck and how do I get my truck back to a factory tune when the tune was never backed up to begin with?

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need to take it to your dealer and have them flash the ecm/tcm back to latest factory stock GM programming first...

then, if your intune is unlocked, you will be able to use it on the truck..
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