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Intune dcx stuck in restore mode and truck won't start

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I was trying to return my truck to stock tune because it needs to go in for some recalls (2014 ram 1500 5.7 Hemi). While it was writing, at some point, screen went white. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Now the handheld is stuck in recovery mode and my truck won't start. Tried unhooking the battery for 30~ mins or so. Still no change. Is there anything I can do tonight so I don't have to call into work tomorrow? I left the dang USB cable at work where I updated the unit originally so I can't hook it up at home.

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Okay, I am little disappointed in the outcome of this. Talked to tech support several times yesterday. I wont bore everyone with all the details, mainly because I don't completely understand them, but it turns out that my ECU got cleared in the process. The tech support was good. My only complaint with them is that they need to hire some help. It is very difficult to sit on hold while waiting for them. I get's is not their fault. Someone else was sitting on hold while they helped me. All total, I was on hold for 1 hour and 31 minutes. I am also disappointed that the only means for them to remedy the problem was for me to pull the computer out of my truck, that has 6 thousand miles on it, and send it and the tuner in for a re-flash. I am sorry, but that is not a remedy. Instead, I opted to pay a tow truck $100 to tow it to the dealer and have it re-flashed. While there I traded that truck for a Wrangler, but that's another story. Now I have a $450 paper weight. The shop I bought the tuner from, understandably, will not refund my money. And I assume that you guys (Diablosport) wont either. Sorry to say, but reputation is all we have in this world. Diablosport's reputation just went down in my book. I have a lot of friends with a lot of toys and our business, however valuable you see it, will be lost forever if something isn't done to at least reimburse me what I paid for the tuner. I will eat the tow and the re-flash as that was my decision.

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