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Tuning issue CEL

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Post Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:15 pm

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Ok so i have the dcx for my 2012 charger srt8. At first the only mods i had were intake catch can, I ran the 91 octane tune which was the only one available on the tuner above the other ones. ( no 93 tune file). Everything worked fine never threw any codes. Rewinding back to before the tune when i first purchased the car i got a code for SRV valve runner, dealer diagnosed it to be the valve runner so i replaced it and never an issue afterwards. I had Long tube headers installed along with High flo cats. Install went fine, I adjusted the tune (didn't really change much just revised adjustments) After header install at WOT the car started to trigger CEL for back pressure which i already researched and know about. and also for SRV again, and occasionally O2 sensor, mainly the codes it would consistently throw were back pressure sensor and SRV. Sometimes they wouldn't come on for 2-3 days but they always manage to resurface and also sometimes only back pressure would come on and not SRV. I unsintslled the tune and found that the SRV code stopped coming up and only back pressure sensor started coming on even at WOT it's been a week and no SRV CODE..

i need help with this i'm not sure what's causing it or what's the issue, the MDS is clearly turned off when i tune it. i'm attempting to get a custom tune but they're telling me i need to figure out why the SRV code keeps coming on as that will affect my performance. I'm not sure if the tune is causing an issue. maybe somebody here can shed light!

Sorry for the long write up i appreciate any help thanks

Post Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:16 am

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usually a wiring issue or short somewhere if you keep getting the SRV codes.
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Post Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:47 am

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Without running the tune it never shows at all, But once tune is loaded it seems to act up at WOT. i uploaded the other tune file instead to see if theres any difference (diablo tune) so far no SRV code. But i did get several codes for O2 Sensors which i didnt get when i was running no tune for about a week or more. Any suggestions for those o2 sensor codes?? Thanks

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