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'05 Dodge Magnum " No ECU Found"

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Post Mon May 15, 2017 4:42 pm

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I can not get inTune to read the ECU on my '05 Dodge Magnum. If i chose Scan Tool then DTC, it will find the ECU and give me the option to read or clear codes. When i choose read, it tells me there are no codes, which is wrong because i have a check engine light on. If i back out and choose "DTC" again it will not find the ECU. Its like it will allow me to do 1 thing then it looses communication with the ECU.

The car currently has a tune on it, I'm unsure which one (i think 91 octane). I just purchased the car and it came with the inTune. The previous owner told me to write back the stock tune, pull fuse 11 for a few minutes, retune the car, pull fuse 11 again for a few minutes. But, I'm afraid of trying to write a tune if this thing will not communicate correctly with the ECU.

Any one know how to fix this? inTune is completely up to date, and my info file is attached.

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Post Tue May 23, 2017 12:50 pm

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its not uncommon to see this on the early 05s as they have some odd communication issues, but it should work fine to write a tune.
The codes are something we are looking into as they dont always display right.

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