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Help, my vehicle did not start anymore !

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Post Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:37 am

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I have a big problem ! Yesterday I pluged my i2 tool on my ODB car (Ford Raptor 6.2l 2012). I've made wifi update, and some navigation on i2's menu (I looked at how to make a log file, but I disconnected the i2, without driving or recording data). I don't have tuned or anything on the vehicle.

This morning, the car did not want to start anymore ! The starter ran, but the engine did not start.

I plugged in the i2 tool for read error code, there was no error code. I restored the original tune (backup), no problem, I got no error message, but the problem remain same, the engine did not start.

And cherry on the cake, after restoring original backup, the i2 deleted my vehicle from tuned vehicle, and the i2 say "this vehicle is not supported, please update". But when I check for update, there are no updates available.

I'm very very disappointed ... The most important problem is the engine not starting, cause the vehicle is imobilised on the side of the street.

Any solution/suggestion ?


Thank you

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please give us a call so we can try to sort this out.
Nothing you describe would have done anything to the pcm to cause it to not start so its hard to say what actually happened here.
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The car has started normally on in the evening.
The next Early morning, he refused to start again. And at night, he started again.
The PCM is not the problem.
I think the problem is from the gas pump power relay, or the pump itself.
I changed the relay, I putted the tune 91 back on, and I ran 2000 miles without problems.
I will change the fuel pump too, for prevention.

Thanks !

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